Breast Implant Profiles By Dr. Suzanne Yee on January 22, 2014

Little Rock Breast Implant ProfilesAt Dr. Suzanne Yee’s plastic surgery practice, breast augmentation is one of the most popular breast surgery procedures. Breast augmentation can be an excellent option for women with naturally small breasts, asymmetrical breasts, or those whose breast size or shape has changed following pregnancy, breast feeding, or weight loss. Although many women have a universal desire for a larger, shapelier bust line, specific aesthetic desires will vary by patient. What’s more, the specific needs of each patient will also vary based on a patient’s physical characteristics and body type. One detail of breast augmentation surgery that will be largely influenced by the body type of our Little Rock patients is breast implant profiles.

What Is a Breast Implant Profile?

While most patients come to us with some knowledge regarding breast implants and the different options they have to explore, many are not familiar with breast implant profiles. Just as a breast implant can differ in size, texture, and filling, it can also differ in profile. The profile of the breast implant is a term that is used to describe the profile shape and weight distribution of a breast implant. More specifically, the breast implant profile tells patients whether the saline or silicone solution is more concentrated in the base or the front of the breast implant.

What Breast Implant Profiles Are Available?

There are several options for breast implant profiles. The three most common breast implant profiles are low profile, moderate profile, and high profile. Each of these breast implant profiles has a varying degree of projection.

  • Low profile: The low profile breast implant has the widest base of all the breast implant profiles. This places the majority of the breast implant solution at the base of the implant and results in minimal projection.
  • Moderate profile: A moderate profile breast implant has a base that is slightly smaller than a low profile implant. The implant solution is more evenly distributed between the base and front of the implant and results in moderate projection.
  • High profile: A high profile breast implant has a narrower base. In high profile implants, the solution is concentrated toward the front of the implant and results in high projection.

How Do I Choose a Breast Implant Profile?

Based on the way that the breast implant profile is described, many patients assume that in order to achieve a full and shapely look, the high profile breast implant is their best option. However, breast implant profiles are less a matter of aesthetic preference and more a matter of body type. Taking into account a patient’s aesthetic goals, Dr. Yee will recommend a breast implant profile that is most likely to achieve a patient’s goals while fitting within her natural breast pocket. For example, a patient who wishes for maximum projection will not achieve that aesthetic with a high profile implant if they have a wide based breast pocket. Just as a patient with a narrow base of the breast pocket would not be well-suited to a low profile breast implant. For these reasons, breast implant profile is a decision that is best left to the professional opinion of Dr. Yee.

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