Breast Reduction Technique Options By Dr. Suzanne Yee on November 11, 2014

Female with perky and shapely breastsMany women who are born with naturally small breasts are envious of those women who have an ample bust line. While a large and shapely bust line can be desirable, there is truth to the saying that you can have too much of a good thing. Breasts that are overly large can be the cause of both emotional and physical discomfort, making many women feel self-conscious about their appearance. In addition, large breasts put excessive strain on the neck, shoulder, and back muscles. Breast reduction surgery allows women to alleviate the strain of large, dense breasts while still maintaining an attractive, shapely bust line. As with any cosmetic surgery procedure, Dr. Suzanne Yee customizes breast reduction so that it most closely meets each patient’s unique needs. Below, our Little Rock patients can find more information about breast reduction techniques that will be considered when patients come to Dr. Yee with complaints of overly large, heavy breasts.

Tumescent Liposuction

Tumescent liposuction is an alternative to traditional surgical breast reduction techniques. For those who are good candidates for this technique, tumescent liposuction can reduce breast size in a fraction of the time of traditional breast reduction surgery and will result in a much faster recovery. A tumescent liposuction procedure for the breasts begins with the insertion of a large volume of an anesthetic solution, which numbs the treatment area and makes it easier to locate fat deposits. These fatty deposits are then liquefied using ultrasonic energy so that they can be suctioned out through a small, hollow surgical tube. This procedure allows Dr. Yee to shrink the breasts to a more desirable size for patients and results in very little visible scarring.

Traditional Surgical Techniques

While tumescent liposuction is a preferred method of breast reduction, some patients will require traditional breast reduction surgery. Traditional techniques are advised for those patients with an especially large bust line as well as those who require additional alterations, such as a breast lift or a change to the size and/or location of the nipple areolar complex. The following surgical techniques are available to patients undergoing traditional breast reduction surgery:

  • The anchor technique: Also referred to as the wise-pattern, a breast lift performed using the anchor technique involves an incision that circles around the nipple, continues vertically down the middle of the breast, and then extends across the natural crease between the breast and the chest wall. This is the technique most commonly used in traditional breast reduction surgery.
  • The vertical technique: The vertical technique, sometimes referred to as the lollipop technique, uses a slightly smaller incision than the anchor technique. This incision encircles the nipple and extends vertically down the center of the breast.
  • The periareolar technique: This technique involves the smallest incision (it simply encircles the nipple areolar complex), but also allows for the least amount of alteration, and is, therefore, rarely used. Patients who are good candidates for the periareolar technique are likely to get just as satisfactory results from tumescent liposuction.

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Dr. Suzanne Yee possesses a unique combination of superior surgical skill and a detailed artistic eye. It is this combination that allows her patients to benefit from safe, precise, and naturally beautiful cosmetic surgery results. If you are interested in breast reduction surgery or would like to hear more about our other cosmetic services, schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience. We look forward to hearing from you!

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