Plastic Surgery Options for Different Age Groups By Dr. Suzanne Yee on September 13, 2017

A woman looking at the cameraAs we age, our appearance undergoes a number of changes. Some of these changes are more desirable than others, of course. Thankfully there are plenty of cosmetic surgery and skin care procedures to meet the needs of patients at different phases of life. Our Little Rock practice always considers patient age when tailoring facial plastic surgery, breast enhancement, and body contouring procedures to the needs of a patient.

We'd like to take a moment to consider the different cosmetic needs of people of different ages, and what treatments might be best to meet those needs.

Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery for Minors

While many people think of cosmetic surgery as something for adults, there are certain procedures that may be helpful for minors.

There are a number of reconstructive surgeries that can be performed to correct cleft palates and address disfiguring injuries. If a child is teased about the size of his or her ears, ear pinning or otoplasty may be ideal. In addition, rhinoplasty/nasal surgery can be helpful for addressing respiratory issues of different kinds.

Plastic Surgery During Your 20s

During a person's twenties, the most common needs tend to involve enhancing the appearance of the face and reshaping the body. In addition to rhinoplasty, a number of patients get facial implant to enhance the chin, lips, and cheekbones. Breast augmentation surgery is common around this age as well, which enhances curves and body contours. A number of patients who struggle with small bits of body fat may undergo liposuction to achieve the slim and athletic frame they desire.

Plastic Surgery During Your 30s

During a person's thirties, the signs of aging begin to show up. Fine lines or wrinkles may appear, and creases may start to become pronounced around the mouth. At this age, a number of patients may get cosmetic injections to help combat signs of advanced age. Skin resurfacing is also popular to help keep the skin looking healthy and young. Body contouring procedures continue to be popular at this stage in life, as people start the early battle of the bulge the sets in around middle-age. Many women will have finished having children by their mid-to-late thirties, which means mommy makeovers are likely around this time, helping women fight stretchmarks and sagging of the body associated with pregnancy and childbirth.

Plastic Surgery During Your 40s

By a person's forties, the sun damage and wear on the skin in their youth tends to catch up with them. Lines, wrinkles, and creases become much more apparent, and there's a noticeable sagging of the facial skin as well, particularly around the lower part of the face. Facelift, brow lift, and eyelid surgery are very common during this time of life, and are an effective way to address the formation of various lines and wrinkles. Dermal fillers and other kinds of injections are also helpful in turning back the clock.

Plastic Surgery From Age 50 and Onward

By a person's fifties, the signs of aging around the face are quite pronounced. In addition to the previously mentioned facial lifts, people often undergo lower face lifts and neck lifts to address issues with the jowls and sagging structures along the jawline.

There's technically no cut-off date for plastic surgery, though the medical issues associated with advanced age may prevent people from undergoing invasive elective procedures. This can be discussed during an in-person consultation.

Learn More About Your Treatment Options

For more information about the ideal treatment for you and your needs, be sure to contact an experienced cosmetic plastic surgeon today. We look forward to you visit and discussing these matters with you in much greater detail.

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Dr. Suzanne Yee

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