Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lifting Procedure

Brazilian Butt Lift

With today’s media, you can’t help but see the increase of coverage, and size, of people’s backside.  One of the newest beauty trends around is a sculpted and lifted backside to enhance the figures of women. When exercise and leg day do not yield the desired results, the Brazilian Butt Lift is an effective solution. The Brazilian Butt Lift procedure is gaining popularity as the go to procedure to give women the desired curve and shape to their buttocks.  At Dr. Suzanne Yee’s office in Little Rock, Arkansas, Dr. Yee combines her knowledge of a woman’s body with her advanced surgical skill.

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

A Brazilian Butt Lift procedure is a form buttock augmentation that enhances the shape, and creates lift in the buttock.  The procedure is performed by harvesting fat from an area, refining the fat, and re-injecting the fat into the buttocks.  The Brazilian Butt Lift is considered the most natural, surgical procedure to enhance your behind.

Who is a Candidate?

Flat in appearance


Small buttocks

Overall good health

Healthy blood supply to buttocks

Substantial area for fat harvesting

The Procedure

Fat Harvesting and Transfer

At our Little Rock office, Dr. Suzanne Yee uses LipoSelection to harvest the donor fat from other parts of the mid torso.  Dr. Yee’s system uses ultrasound energy to break up and emulsify fat, but it leaves nerve tissue, blood vessels, and connective tissue intact.  Unlike traditional Liposuction, LipoSelection can specifically target fat cells, leaving other tissues necessary for smoothness intact. The most common areas to harvest the fat are; stomach, hips, waist, and thighs. The sculpting of these areas not only supplies the fat for transfer, but also helps create a sculpted look in the end result.  The fat is then processed and refined for re-injection.

Fat Transfer

Fat transfer into the buttock is a unique part of the procedure that offers dual benefits. Dr. Yee removes unwanted fat from one area, and re-injects the fat into the desired area of the buttock.  The injections are typically administered into the upper region of the buttock to give the “lifting” appearance.  Dr. Yee advises that you have a substantial amount of fat to be re-injected to yield the best results.  Dr. Yee has developed a skill set specifically for re-injecting fat into the buttocks.  Attending one of the leading Brazilian Butt Lift conferences with training, Dr. Yee is very knowledgeable in techniques for all ethnicities.  

Post-Operative Recovery

As with any surgical procedure, there are limitations after the procedure.  Dr. Yee advises these limitations, so the procedure will yield the best results.  After your Brazilian Butt Lift, you will have these limitations;

No sitting on buttocks for at least two weeks

No strenuous activities

No strenuous exercise 

Wear compression garments

No alcohol or tobacco use

Consult with Dr. Yee about Brazilian Butt Lift during a consultation.  Contact the office of Dr. Suzanne Yee today, to learn more about LipoSelection, Fat Transfer, and Brazilian Butt Lift procedures.


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