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Help Correct Sagging Skin with a Mini Tummy Tuck

As we get older, many of us experience sagging skin in all areas of the body. The abdomen is very prone to sagging, especially after pregnancies or weight changes. These changes to the abdomen not only stretch the skin, but also stretch the abdominal muscles causing laxity. After the muscles are stretched and damaged, it is near impossible to get them back to how they were before the bodily change. At Dr. Suzanne Yee's Cosmetic and Laser Surgery Center in Little Rock, Arkansas, Dr. Yee offers the Mini Tummy Tuck to help correct sagging skin of the lower abdomen.

taut midsection
A mini tummy tuck can correct lax tissues in the lower abdomen.

Mini Tummy Tuck

A Mini Tummy Tuck (or Mini-Abdominoplasty) is usually recommended to those who's sagging is not extensive enough for a Full Tummy Tuck (or Standard Abdominoplasty). During your consultation at Dr. Suzanne Yee's Little Rock office, Dr. Yee will assess you to determine if you are a candidate for a Mini Tummy Tuck. Dr. Yee considers many factors when determining candidates for this procedure.

  • Excessive skin of the lower abdomen
  • Stretched muscles & fatty deposits below the navel
  • No future pregnancies planned
  • Goal weight for weight loss has been reached
  • Overall good health

During the Procedure

After Dr. Suzanne Yee has determined the Mini Tummy Tuck would be the best course of action, the procedure will be performed in our Little Rock, Arkansas surgery center. Dr. Yee will make an incision very low on the abdomen, right about the pubis. Unlike the Full Tummy Tuck, the Mini's incision is smaller and there is no incision around the belly button. After the incision is made, the weakened muscles are tightened and the excess skin is removed. The skin is then stretched down and sutured together. Dr. Yee may perform a Liposuction procedure to remove fatty deposits, which will create a sculpted appearance. If you are a candidate, there are benefits to having this procedure.

  • Smaller incision (depending on the amount of excess skin present)
  • No incision around the belly button
  • Thinner scar
  • Less time in the operating room
  • Shorter recovery

Recovering from a Mini Tummy Tuck

As with any cosmetic procedure, there will be a moderate recovery period from the Mini Tummy Tuck procedure. During the last step of the procedure, special drains will be placed in the incision to eliminate fluid buildup beneath the skin. Compression garments are also used to minimize swelling, and to help shape the newly contoured abdomen; these garments are typically worn for 6 weeks. Dr. Suzanne Yee advises all post-operative patients to avoid heavy activity, but to remain mobile as much as possible. This helps ensure a quick transition into normal activity, while also lowering the risk of blood clots. Mini Tummy Tuck recovery instructions must be followed closely to gain the best result.

  • Record drainage accumulations
  • Wear compression garment as instructed
  • No heavy activity until instructed otherwise by Dr. Yee
  • Remain mobile, but with limitations
  • Report any unexpected pain, bleeding, bruising, or swelling

Dr. Suzanne Yee prides herself on her honesty, and always recommends the procedure that will yield the best results for each individual. At Dr. Yee's Cosmetic and Laser Surgery Center in Little Rock, Arkansas, our consultations are always professional and confidential. If you are considering a Mini Tummy Tuck, contact our office today for more information.

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