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Choosing Between Different Breast Implant Types

If you are considering undergoing breast augmentation, it is very important to carefully choose the type of implant that will be used for your surgery. Breast implants can be made from different materials, shaped with distinctive contours, and have contrasting textures. Choosing the correct style that complements your silhouette while appearing completely natural is an important step in the planning phase of your procedure. Dr. Suzanne Yee can help you decide between various breast implant types at her Little Rock cosmetic surgery practice. She has a keen artistic eye that helps her provide beautiful aesthetic results for all of her patients. If you have been considering breast augmentation and would like to learn more about the different types of implants that are available to you, please contact our office and schedule a consultation with Dr. Yee.

Topless woman covering breasts with bent arm and palm
No two women have the same breast augmentation goals. Dr. Yee offers a variety of implant types to meet every need.

Breast Implant Materials

Breast implants come in three options which utilize two different materials: saline, silicone, and cohesive silicone gel, which are also called gummy bear implants. When comparing saline versus silicone implants, each type has its own distinct advantages and disadvantages. Which material is best-suited for you depends on your body type and cosmetic goals. 

Saline implants will typically feel slightly firmer than those made from silicone. A major advantage of saline implants is their safety. In the event of a rupture, the saline solution will simply be reabsorbed by the body without causing any harm to your health. 

Many patients feel that silicone implants look and feel very much like natural breast tissue. However, when a rupture occurs with a silicone implant, it is more difficult to detect and the implant should be removed as soon as possible to avoid any complications.

The newer cohesive silicone gel implants look and feel like a natural breast as well, but the important distinction for this type is the way the material stays together. This helps the implant retain the proper shape, and if the implant ruptures, there is less of a chance of gel migration. Both types of silicone implants should be periodically monitored by your doctor.

Breast Implant Shapes

Breast implants come in two distinctive shapes: round and teardrop. The shape that Dr. Yee recommends for you will depend on your body type, the amount of breast tissue you have, where the implant will be placed, and where the incisions will be located. Round implants are the most common type, and are often chosen for the appearance of lift, cleavage, and fullness that they give to the breasts. Conversely, some women feel that round implants do not achieve a natural look. Teardrop-shaped implants follow the natural contour of the breast and are more full at the bottom. 

Breast Implant Textures

Another important choice for your implants is determining whether a textured or a smooth surface is right for you. Breast implants with a smooth surface tend to have a longer lifespan and typically cost less than their textured counterparts. However, a textured surface prevents the implant from rotating within the breast, which can distort the appearance of teardrop-shaped implants.

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Dr. Yee will help determine which material, shape, and surface texture is most appropriate for you during a consultation. If you would like to learn more about your available implant options, please contact our practice to make an appointment.

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