Understanding the Risks of Breast Reduction Surgery

Young woman wearing light pink bra. Dr. Suzanne Yee offers customized breast reduction surgery for patients who desire smaller breasts. Dr. Yee believes in education and makes sure that her patients understand the surgery details and breast reduction risks during their consultation at her Little Rock, AR, practice. Most of the complications associated with breast reduction surgery are minor, but may include bleeding, infection, or general surgical risks. Dr. Yee is a skilled cosmetic surgeon who uses advanced technology to maximize benefits and minimize her patients’ risk of complications during and after breast reduction surgery. 

General Risks Associated with Surgery

There are certain risks that are associated with any surgical procedure. Prior to your breast reduction surgery, Dr. Yee may request that you stop taking certain medications and eliminate alcohol and tobacco products to minimize your risk of surgical complications.

Dr. Yee is an experienced and highly skilled surgeon who takes pride in the low percentage of complications her patients experience and their high rate of satisfaction.

Certain health conditions may put you at a greater risk for complications during surgery. It is important to discuss your complete medical history with Dr. Yee during your consultation. Surgical risks could include any of the following:

  • Negative reaction to anesthesia
  • Bleeding
  • Blood clots
  • Unsafe increase in blood pressure
  • Healing difficulties
  • Extensive scarring

Post-surgical Risks

You will be monitored throughout the recovery period to reduce the development of post-surgical risks. Dr. Yee and her staff are highly trained in anticipating and treating these complications. Post-surgical risks could include:

  • Hematoma: A pooling of blood underneath the skin
  • Seroma: Fluid build-up at the incision site
  • Infection: Can be caused by wound separation or not properly caring for incisions
  • Wound separation: A reopening of the incision that may be caused by overexertion
  • Loss of sensation: Temporary loss of sensation in the nipple or breast due to nerve damage

Long-term Complications

There are long-term complications associated with breast reduction surgery. You will maintain a schedule of follow-up appointments, which will help Dr. Yee identify and prevent any issues. Long-term complications could include:

  • Asymmetry: Most breasts are slightly asymmetrical, however, a visible difference may need to be corrected with revision surgery.
  • Uneven nipple position: Removing and repositioning the nipple can lead to uneven placement, which can require revision surgery.
  • Permanent loss of sensation: Nerve and tissue damage can lead to permanent loss of sensation in the nipple, breast, or both.
  • Inability to breastfeed: This risk is increased if the nipple is detached from the milk ducts and reattached, and is significantly higher with traditional breast reduction surgery.

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Working with a surgeon who is trained in the various breast reduction techniques and utilizes advanced technology can significantly reduce surgical risks. Dr. Yee is an experienced and highly skilled surgeon who takes pride in the low percentage of complications her patients experience and their high rate of satisfaction. Dr. Yee believes that is important to fully understand the risks associated with breast reduction surgery prior to the procedure. Contact our cosmetic surgery practice today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Suzanne Yee.

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