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Dr. Yee's Y LIFT

Aging can bring about natural but unwanted changes in the face, including jowls, wrinkles, and hollowness under the eyes.

Certified Y LIFT® provider Dr. Suzanne Yee can refresh and rejuvenate your features from under the eyes to the upper neck—without surgery.

Find out why patients at our Little Rock, AR, practice are turning away from plastic surgery to the Y LIFT...

Woman's face overlaid with the letter Y

3 Advantages of a Y LIFT

No Surgery or Downtime

A Y LIFT can be completed without general anesthesia or incisions in a short procedure lasting under 30 minutes. Because there is no surgery involved, men and women can return to their normal activities immediately after the procedure.

Nearly Instant Results

A Y LIFT can give you similar results to a facelift without post-operative discomfort and other effects. Many patients see improvements the very next day after their treatment.

Long-Lasting Benefits

During a Y LIFT, Dr. Yee will use dermal fillers containing hyaluronic acid to accentuate your facial features. Hyaluronic acid is naturally and slowly absorbed by the body, so your results can last anywhere from one to three years

We can provide incredible effects with a Y-LIFT...

Transformative Results without Surgery

Beautiful woman's face Beautiful woman's face

Experience results that lift and enhance several areas of the face.

Tell Me More about the Y LIFT Procedure

Y LIFT is a non-surgical facial contouring technique developed by Dr. Yan Trokel. The cosmetic procedure is based on the idea that youthful facial contours (from the eyes, through the cheekbone region, and down to the chin) follow a "Y" shape, so Y LIFT providers focus on accentuating those areas without surgery. 

During the procedure, a specialized instrument is placed beneath the skin to instantly lift the underlying tissue. We then use fillers to hold the newly lifted tissue in place. 

The procedure is customized to the features of every patient, so it can produce incredibly natural-looking results

What areas can be addressed with this minimally invasive treatment?

Instant Lifting from the Eyes to the Neck

Under the Eyes

This procedure can correct undereye hollowness, which often contributes to a gaunt or aged appearance.


Accentuating the cheekbones can give you a more youthful and defined appearance. 

Chin & Upper Neck

This procedure can eliminate sagging jowls and achieve a more defined jawline. Your face might also look slimmer.

Do You Have More Extensive Concerns?

Although the Y LIFT is a great way to restore and rejuvenate your facial features without plastic surgery, it may not be the best choice for every patient. If your cosmetic concerns extend to your brows, eyelids, or nose, Dr. Yee may recommend facial plastic surgery instead. 

Because Dr. Yee offers virtually every type of surgical and non-surgical procedure at our Little Rock practice, she can give you many options to choose from that are also better-suited to your needs. 

Dozens of 5-Star Reviews​ from Patients like You

"I found Dr Yee to be a very professional plastic surgeon. She is personable and patient answering all my questions. I had skin resurfacing to my face and liposuction under my chin line. I am quite pleased with the service before and after my procedure as well as the results. Thank you Dr Yee!"

Terri S.

Sounds great, but am I even a good candidate?

During Your Consultation, Dr. Yee Will Evaluate Your: 

Concerns & Goals

To begin your consultation, Dr.  Yee will ask you to point out areas of your face that make you unhappy. If these include your undereye area, cheekbones, or jawline, you may be a good candidate.

Skin Laxity

Although this lift can correct some degree of sagging skin, it is not designed to remove any tissue. If you have excess fat or skin on your face, you may be a better candidate for surgery.

Overall Health

Hyaluronic acid is naturally occurring, so there are no allergy restrictions. But you will need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and quit habits like smoking, which prematurely ages the skin, for the best results. 

Ready to rejuvenate your look?

Suzanne Yee, MD

Dr. Yee

Dr. Suzanne Yee is a top cosmetic surgeon who combines passion, artistic sensibilities, and years of extensive study to create life-changing results for her patients. She is triple board-certified and a member of various trusted organizations:

  • American Board of Cosmetic Surgery
  • American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Inc.
  • The American Board of Otolaryngology
  • American Society for Laser Medicine & Surgery, Inc.
  • American College of Surgeons
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Yee, request an appointment online or call us at (501) 224-1044.

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Love Dr. Yee! She is very caring and patient, and she answered any questions I had. She has a very knowledgeable and friendly staff as well. Highly recommend her. Best of the best!

Andy A.


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