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Hair loss can be a significant issue for both men and women.  Often times this issue is due to a genetic trait that can leave people feeling confused and helpless. There are options that are available through prescription drugs and other “natural” remedies, but these carry with them the potential for unwanted side effects. Another option may be to utilize surgery to gain the desired results; however, this can often times be very expensive and not treat the medical problems that may be underlying.  Fortunately, there is now a way to treat hair loss without the undue cost or the risk of side effects; this treatment is known as Platelet – Rich Plasma.


A platelet is defined as: “a small colorless disk-shaped cell fragment without a nucleus, found in large numbers in blood and involved in clotting.”  These platelets act like signal callers that instruct your tissue to regenerate and multiply.  These signal callers contain healing growth factors that help to heal wounds and speed up recovery time.  Ultimately, PRP allows the body to regrow healthier stronger tissue.

Science has now discovered new benefits for regrowth and thickening of the hair.  Stem cells and growth factors work together reverse the miniaturization of the hairs follicle and shocks dormant hair follicles back into the growing stage.


There are 3 primary steps to the safe and effective injection process of PRP:

  1. Blood is drawn using a specific tube.  That blood is then placed into a centrifuge (this is a machine with a rapidly rotating container that applies centrifugal force to its contents, typically to separate fluids of different densities or liquids from solids).
  2. After 10 minutes of the centrifuge process a syringe is used to collect and draw up all of the concentrated platelets.
  3. Using a small needle the platelets are injected directly into the scalp, in strategic areas that are marked as needing the most improvement.


The process for the PRP injections takes a total of roughly 90 minutes.  The cost varies depending upon patient, but you can expect to pay roughly $600-800 per session.  We recommend that you undertake at least 4 sessions with 2 maintenance sessions scheduled each year there after.

It is important to remember, surgical hair transplant costs can range from $4,000 to $15,000.  The PRP system has gained popularity because of its low costs comparative to invasive surgery, the effectiveness of results and it’s low level of risk associated with treatment.


Two of the most commonly asked questions regarding PRP for hair loss are: does it hurt?  Am I a candidate?

Most physicians will utilize anesthetic to limit any discomfort the patient may feel. Ultimately it is important to talk to Dr. Yee to determine what the right option is for you.

Please contact our office to learn more about this procedure and schedule your consultation with Dr. Yee.  Shake off those feelings of helplessness and learn about how PRP can help you!

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