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Lip Injections

Full, plump lips can restore balance to your face and make you feel more confident in your appearance. 

Lip injections can add volume to thin, disproportionate lips in a way that looks completely natural. 

Dr. Suzanne Yee can perform lip injections at her Little Rock, AR, practice to create balance and enhance your feminine look.

Are Thin Lips Making You Feel Self-Conscious? Contact Our Little Rock Practice

Lip injections are a quick way to add volume to your lips without surgery. Dr. Yee is a highly skilled and trained cosmetic surgeon who prides herself on creating beautiful, natural-looking lip augmentation results. Contact our Little Rock, AR, practice to request your consultation and learn how Dr. Yee can transform your appearance.

If You Want To Increase Your Lip Volume You Are Not Alone

over 3.4 million dermal filler procedures were performed in 2020
Making it the second most popular minimally invasive cosmetic treatment.
-According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons® 

"This is the place to get all your beauty maintenance!"

"This is the place to get all your beauty maintenance! The staff is extremely welcoming and knowledge. Dr. Yee always does an amazing job with any procedures you need done. Bri and Rachel are great with fillers and BOTOX. I like a natural look and they achieve that. Thanks for being amazing. It’s always a great experience." I’m b3lla

Determining Candidacy Are Lip Fillers the Best Treatment for You?

Generally, patients in good overall health who are unhappy with the fullness of their lips make good lip filler candidates. Dr. Yee will review your goals and health history during your consultation to determine if lip augmentation is right for you.

Physical Health

Patients should be in good overall physical health free of any disorders that may affect your body's ability to heal. Patients should also be free of active oral infections or cold sores that could increase their risk of infection.

Smoking Habits

Ideal candidates do not smoke. Smoking can increase your risk of infection and can also promote premature aging, which can affect the length of your results.

Realistic Expectations

Patients should have realistic expectations of their results and understand that fillers are not a permanent solution. Results typically last between 12-18 months.

Which Dermal Filler Is Right for You? Finding the Best Filler for Your Lip Augmentation

During your consultation, Dr. Yee will assess your cosmetic goals to determine which dermal filler will help you achieve your desired look. We offer several dermal filler options at our Little Rock practice.

Collagen Injections

Collagen is a naturally occurring substance in our bodies that adds volume and contour to our skin. Collagen production decreases as we age, causing us to lose our youthful appearance. Collagen injections can be used on several areas of the face to increase volume, including the lips. Dr. Yee uses collagen injections to create a naturally enhanced smile.

Contact Us About Collagen Injections

Restylane Injections

Restylane® is a brand of dermal filler that uses hyaluronic acid as its main ingredient. Hyaluronic acid is another naturally occurring substance our body produces to help hydrate our tissue and lubricate our joints. Restylane can fill wrinkles and lines and add moisture to the skin, but it can also add fullness to the lips. 

Explore Restylane Injections

Perlane Injections

Perlane® is another dermal filler that uses hyaluronic acid to add volume to the skin and reduce deep wrinkles and folds. Perlane is a more concentrated version of Restylane allowing it to treat even deeper wrinkles and folds. When used on the lips, it adds volume and moisture.

Explore Perlane Injections

JUVÉDERM Injections

JUVÉDERM® is a brand of filler that uses hyaluronic acid to address multiple areas of the face. JUVÉDERM can lift, smooth, and plump the skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. JUVÉDERM® VOLUBELLA® XC is used to add volume to the lips.


Incredible Results From Lip Injections

before and after lip augmentation
This patient visited Dr. Yee because she was concerned with the fullness of her lips. After her consultation, she and Dr. Yee decided Restylane was the best option to obtain her desired results. She now has fuller lips that look natural and are balanced with her other facial features.

Enhance the Fullness of Your Lips Contact Our Little Rock Practice Today

When performed by an experienced plastic surgeon, lip fillers can help turn your aesthetic goals into reality. Dr. Suzanne Yee is a top cosmetic surgeon who combines science with art to create natural-looking results. She is a triple board-certified surgeon and a member of several plastic surgery organizations. It is her mission to provide life-changing experiences to every patient and help them look and feel their best.

Contact our Little Rock, AR, practice today to request your consultation and take the first step toward achieving your dream look.

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Dr. Yee

Why Patients Choose Dr. Yee For Their Filler and Plastic Surgery Needs


Dr. Yee has been a practicing plastic surgeon since the late 90's. She has been featured in several media outlets because of her reputation for gorgeous, natural-looking results and patient satisfaction.


Dr. Yee has a passion for helping her clients look and feel their best. She combines this passion with her artistic eye to give her patients a positive experience.


Patients throughout Arkansas choose Dr. Yee because of her impecable reputation. While the results speak for themselves, see what our patients have to say.

"I drive from three hours away because she is so worth it!"


Kaitlin Sellers


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Dr. Yee and her staff are the very best! If you’re considering any surgery, filler, or treatments, you need to go to Dr. Yee!... Dr. Yee and her staff make you feel like a friend and treat you like family. She made herself available 24/7 for any questions and concerns. You can tell she really cares about her patients. I drive from 3 hours away because she is so worth it! 

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cMary Atkison


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Well, I just have to say how wonderful everyone was. So super nice and informative on every and all procedures. I had such a good time diring my visit. It was like girls day out! It was wonderful! I can't say enough about Rachel. She was so awesome!

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What To Expect During Filler Treatment

Receiving fillers is a quick procedure with minimal pain. During your consultation, Dr. Yee will tell you how to prepare and what to expect during the procedure.
No matter which filler you choose, Dr. Yee will ensure your results look completely natural.
No matter which filler you choose, Dr. Yee will ensure your results look completely natural.


A topical anesthetic may be used to numb the lips and to make the procedure as comfortable as possible.


Dr. Yee will place the injections in designated areas of your lips to create your desired results. 


Dr. Yee may apply ice packs during the process to help minimize swelling.


You can rest for a few minutes after the injections to ensure you don't have any side effects like dizziness or nausea.


Your lips may be sensitive the first day or two following filler treatment but your results will be immediately visible.

Combine Dermal Filler Treatment to Create a Dramatic Enhancement

BNA lip injections
Many of the treatments we use for lip fillers can also be used in other areas, like the cheeks, jowls, and corners of the mouth. This patient achieved a more youthful appearance by receiving JUVÉDERM injections in her cheeks and lips. The injections smoothed out her skin and added fullness to her lips. Dr. Yee can create a fully customized treatment plan to address every aesthetic concern that you may have.

Don't Let the Cost of Treatment Deter You From Achieving Your Dream Results

We don't want the cost of treatment to stop you from feeling confident about your appearance. Our Little Rock practice offers CareCredit® financing. CareCredit allows you flexibility when paying for your treatment. Through CareCredit you can:

  • Easily apply for financing
  • Not worry about paying one large sum
  • Setup monthly payment plans
  • Pay back with little to no interest

Our friendly staff is happy to help answer your questions about your treatment costs and financing options. Contact our Little Rock practice today to learn more about financing and our current specials. 

​"​I would highly recommend this office to anyone."


Emily Fourmy


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Always a wonderful experience... I would highly recommend this office to anyone. All of my pre-op and post-op visits have also been great.

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Im so happy with my results. She took the time to choose the right implant for my face and size. She takes her time with you to ensure you have the best results! 

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Dr. Suzanne Yee

Suzanne Yee, MD

Dr. Suzanne Yee is a triple board-certified plastic surgeon in Little Rock, AR, who offers a wide variety of surgical and non-invasive treatments. Dr. Yee is affiliated with several prestigious organizations. Her memberships include:

  • Fellow of American Board of Cosmetic Surgery
  • Fellow of American Board of Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery
  • Fellow of American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • Fellow of American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • Fellow of the American College of Surgeons
  • Fellow of American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, Inc.
  • Fellow of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery

To schedule a consultation at our state-of-the-art surgical center, please contact us online or call (501) 224-1044.

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