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Ultherapy by Dr. Suzanne Yee

Ulthera Receives First-Ever FDA Clearance for Non-invasive Lift of Skin on the Neck and Under the Chin

Non-surgical Ultherapy ultrasound procedure now used to tighten turkey necks and smooth out double-chins

Ulthera, Inc. – a global, high-growth medical device company pioneering aesthetic and medical applications using its therapeutic ultrasound platform technology – today announced that its ultrasound platform device, the Ulthera System, has received FDA clearance to non-invasively lift lax tissue on the neck and the submentum (under the chin).

This is the second lift indication that the System has received; the first cosmetic lift indication was granted in 2009, when the Ulthera System was cleared as a facial treatment with a specific indication for non-invasive eyebrow lift. To date, the Ulthera System remains the only energy-based device with an indication for lift.

woman receiving ultherapy
Ultherapy is a non-invasive means of tightening skin under the chin to restore youthful definition.

We are now offering a new groundbreaking cosmetic treatment for the face and neck that has received national media attention lately, and Dr. Yee's Cosmetic & Laser Surgery Center is the first to offer this treatment in the state of Arkansas!

If you haven't heard, Dr. Suzanne Yee's Cosmetic and Laser Surgery Center was the first in the state of Arkansas to offer Ultherapy.  Ultherapy is a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure to tighten and lift loose and sagging skin with no downtime!  Being the first to have and offer Ultherapy in the state, Dr. Suzanne Yee's staff is the most experienced and knowledgeable in Arkansas.  Our patients have reported firmer, tighter skin in areas treated.  The Ulthera is great in that it can treat the entire face or specific areas, such as; eyes, brow, upper face, lower face, neck, and chest.  Another plus, the treatment only takes 45 minutes to 1 hour!

Using Ultrasonic Energy to Lift Sagging Skin

The treatment, Ultherapy®, is the first and only energy-based device for aesthetics cleared by the FDA with a non-invasive “lift” indication.  It uses ultrasound energy to reach the damaged skin layers that cause skin to ‘sag’ (including the deep support layer addressed in surgery) without disrupting the surface of the skin.

After an Ultherapy treatment, improvements can begin immediately with some contraction and firming.  Just as with building new muscle, however, the building of new collagen to lift and tone skin occurs gradually over the two to three months that follow treatment.  

Ultherapy graphic

Ultherapy is a wonderful option for patients seeking a non-surgical way to counter the effects of gravity on the skin.   

More About Ultherapy:

  • Ultherapy constitutes a brand new category in aesthetics—non-invasive tissue lifting.
  • For the first time, we can see below the skin’s surface and then treat the deep support structures of connective tissue without disrupting the uppermost layers of skin.
  • Ultherapy triggers the body’s natural response mechanism, which is to rejuvenate tired collagen and supplement it with fresh, new collagen.
  • A full face and neck Ultherapy treatment takes 60 minutes, and there is no associated downtime; a partial face treatment can take as little as 30 minutes.
  • Improvements can begin immediately with some contraction and firming.  As with exercising to build muscle, however, the building of new collagen to lift and tone skin occurs gradually over the 2-3 months that follow treatment.
  • Clinical studies demonstrate consistent lifting of the brow after just one treatment, which creates a more, open look to the eyes and a more refreshed look overall.

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Dr. Suzanne Yee

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