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We offer a variety of chemical peels to enhance the appearance and texture of your skin.  Chemical peels are a combination of acids that work together to restore and revive the surface layer of the skin.  The peel causes the damaged skin to slough away, leaving new skin and a radiant appearance.  Chemicals peels are classified into three distinct categories; Superficial, Medium, and Deep.

Superficial Peels

Superficial peels are the mildest of the peels and are mainly used to treat dry skin, rough texture, and uneven skin tone.  After the treatment, you may experience minimal flaking and redness.  Most patients have no downtime and are able to resume normal activity after the treatment.  These peels are recommended in a series of treatments to achieve maximum results.

Medium Peels

Medium peel consist of stronger acids and target deeper layers of the skin, including the epidermis and upper dermis.  By targeting these deeper layers, the peeling may be more aggressive and cause more peeling than a superficial peel.  Typically, the skin will peel for a week and you may experience redness and swelling.  Like superficial peels, medium peels are recommended in a series of treatments to achieve the best outcome.

Deep Peels

The most dramatic results are achieved by deep peels and are used to treat numerous skin conditions, such as; scars, wrinkles, and major discoloration.  Deep peels target the dermis and recovery time differs for each patient depending on the severity of skin damage.  Most patients recover in 2 - 3 weeks and are slightly limited in daily activities.

Obagi Blue Peel

At our office in Little Rock, Dr. Yee is proud to offer the Obagi® line of chemical peels and skin care products. The Obagi® skin care system is perfect for the treatment for fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and age spots.

Unlike common alpha-hydroxy peels or at-home treatments, at our Little Rock office, your Obagi® Blue Peel will be performed under the professional supervision of Dr. Suzanne Yee. Dr. Yee has the training and experience to customize the strength of each peel. She will modify the Obagi® Blue Peel based on your desired results and the condition of your skin.

At our cosmetic surgery office in Little Rock, the Obagi® Blue Peel procedure takes less than an hour and does not usually require sedation. Dr. Yee first applies the Blue Peel to the face and neck. This produces a mild burning sensation for a few minutes. Following treatment, patients experience light swelling, and within two to three days, the skin begins to peel. This peeling continues over the next several days and the skin heals between seven and ten days of the initial office visit. Once the skin completely recovers, patients notice a visible improvement in complexion. The skin usually continues to improve for the next four to six weeks, becoming firmer, clearer, smoother, healthier, and more youthful looking.

We ask that you come for a consultation to speak with our skin care specialist to customize a program that works best for your skin type.  Chemical peels can treat areas other than face, such as; neck, chest, back, arms, and legs.

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