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Tummy Tuck

Sagging skin in your midsection after pregnancy or significant weight loss can make you feel self-conscious about your body.

A tummy tuck can restore a lean, firm, and trim midsection, helping you to experience greater confidence in your appearance.

Learn how Dr. Suzanne Yee in Little Rock, AR, can give you the flattering contours you desire...

Beautiful Enhancement & Natural-Looking Results

A Comprehensive Upgrade

A tummy tuck can address loose skin, separated abdominal muscles, and lingering fat deposits in one treatment.

Minimized Scarring

Dr. Yee uses sophisticated techniques to make the resulting scars discreet and easy to cover with swimsuits and other clothing.

Boosted Confidence

The results of your tummy tuck can help you feel more comfortable and confident both in and out of your clothes.
Crystal Johnson recommends Suyzanne Yee, MD. She says,

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When undergoing any type of plastic surgery, it is important to choose a surgeon you can trust. Dr. Suzanne Yee is a board-certified plastic surgeon who can customize the tummy tuck procedure to meet your goals and help you feel more confident about your body.

To learn how a tummy tuck can help you, schedule a consultation at our Little Rock, AR, office. You can contact us online or call us at:

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"So Happy with My Results!" 


Kenita Hemphill

January, 2020

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After visiting with Dr. Yee staff I knew immediately that I had found the right doctor.  Dr. Yee listened to all my concerns and make me feel comfortable. I was even able to talk to  some of her staff members that had went through the same process. Great staff and doctor! Thank you Dr. Yee for restoring my confidences!

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Brittany Allen


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So happy with my results! Dr. Yee was very professional and gave great advice. The surgery went super well, and she was supportive throughout the process. Would highly recommend Dr. Yee, and will personally revisit her! Thanks to Dr. Yee and her staff, I had a successful surgery and fantastic results. Thanks again!

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Is a Tummy Tuck Right for You?

While a healthy diet and regular exercise can help you lose fat and build muscle, they cannot restore lost skin elasticity. Our skin retains its elasticity only up to a certain point, and it gradually becomes less elastic with age.

The muscle tissue can also become stretched and separated, especially during pregnancy. Dr. Yee can address both loose skin and muscles during a tummy tuck procedure at our Little Rock, AR, practice.

You may be an abdominoplasty candidate if you:

  • Have had one or more pregnancies.
  • Have developed drooping skin with age because of a genetic predisposition.
  • Have lost a substantial amount of weight.
  • Do not smoke.
  • Are in good health.

What Can a Tummy Tuck Address?

Excess Skin

loose skin

Age, pregnancy, and weight loss can contribute to excess skin in the midsection. Surgical treatment is the only effective way to address excess skin. With a tummy tuck, we can tighten wrinkled and loose skin to produce a more toned appearance.

Separated Muscles

Abdominal fat

The abdominal wall can become loose or separated, resulting in the appearance of a belly pouch. At our Little Rock, AR, practice, Dr. Yee can tighten and suture the abdominal wall back together to flatten the stomach and provide flattering results.

Belly Button Refinement

stretched navel

The belly button can become stretched or displaced as a result of weight gain and pregnancy. During the procedure, the navel can be moved and reshaped for a more aesthetically pleasing appearance that complements a flatter and tighter abdominal area.

Types of Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck Incisions

  • Traditional technique: Generally, a traditional abdominoplasty (full tummy tuck) requires a horizontal incision placed between the hip bones.
  • Extended technique: For more substantial lifting, the incision may need to extend across the entire abdomen and around the hips.
  • Mini technique: If you require a minimal amount of correction, you may be a candidate for a mini tummy tuck, which results in a smaller scar.
  • Tummy tuck with LipoSelection: The procedure can incorporate ultrasonic liposuction to remove excess fat, depending upon your goals.

Advanced Techniques
For Improved Comfort and Healing

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TISSEEL for Reduced Complications

TISSEEL is a fibrin sealant that can expedite healing and reduce the risk of complications such as seroma.


Exparel for Improved Comfort

Dr. Yee uses special medications in surgery to promote internal healing and help with pain. Exparel is a local numbing agent, and its effects last up to four days. This improves patient comfort without the use of a narcotic.

Advanced Techniques for Less Scarring

Dr. Yee uses advanced techniques to close incisions and minimize scarring for patients of our Little Rock, AR, practice.

Three Primary Steps

Demonstration of tummy tuck technique Demonstration of tummy tuck technique

The Tummy Tuck Procedure

Dr. Yee will plan your surgery according to the aesthetic goals that we discuss at our Little Rock practice during your consultation. The entire surgical procedure takes about two to three hours:

Surgical Markings

On the day of surgery, Dr. Yee will make markings on your abdomen to indicate where incisions and lifting will occur.
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Next, we will administer anesthesia to maintain your absolute comfort throughout the procedure. In most cases, patients are put under general anesthesia, and they will have no recollection of the surgery.
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Surgery begins with a horizontal incision low on your abdomen, several inches below the navel. The length depends upon the extent of lifting you require.
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Tighten the Skin and Muscle Tissue

Dr. Yee can then remove excess fat and skin tissue, tighten the underlying muscle tissue, and make adjustments to the belly button.
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Applying Bandages

Finally, the remaining skin will be sutured and bandaged.
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Transfer to Our Recovery Area

Tummy tuck surgery is performed on an outpatient basis. After a short observation period in our recovery area, you can return home the same day as your surgery.
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"She Was Amazing."


Ellen Turney


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Best office staff and doctor combination in Central Arkansas. They all give you the best advice. If it can be done, they explain how. If it cannot be done, they explain why.

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elaine young


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I have already recommended Dr. Yee to many of my friends. She was amazing and extremely caring during my recovery process and beyond.

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Dr. Suzanne Yee is triple board-certified, and she graduated first in her class when she earned her degree from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. Throughout her career, she has performed thousands of plastic surgery procedures, with tummy tuck being one of the most popular. To schedule a consultation at our Little Rock practice, contact us online or call us at:

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Side Effects

The side effects of any surgical procedure are typically most apparent for the first few days to a week after treatment:


Pain is a normal side effect of surgery. To help with any discomfort, Dr. Yee can prescribe oral pain medication. It is best to take pain medication on schedule to prevent unnecessary discomfort, especially in the first few days after surgery.


Swelling is also a natural response to surgery. To reduce the severity of swelling, it is important to avoid any type of strenuous activity for several weeks after surgery. You should also stay hydrated and eat a low-sodium diet to reduce swelling.


Bruising can persist for two to three weeks after surgery. Bruising starts out as red, and then turns a purple or blue color. As healing progresses, the bruise will turn green and then yellow or brown before fading completely.


Patients may experience numbness or loss of sensation in the area surrounding the treatment area as a result of nerve damage. As the nerves heal in the months after surgery, sensation is typically restored.

Itchy or Tight Feeling

As patients heal, it is common to experience an itchy or tight feeling in the treatment area. If itchiness becomes bothersome, you can try taking Benadryl to maintain comfort as you recover from surgery.

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tummy tuck before and after
This 41-year-old patient underwent an abdominoplasty with upper and lower LipoSelection at our Little Rock practice.

The Cost of a Tummy Tuck

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of a tummy tuck in the United States is $6,154, but each patient's cost is different. Several things will factor into the total overall cost of your treatment, including:

  • Surgeon experience
  • Anesthesia
  • Operating room facilities
  • Technique used
  • Prescriptions
  • Post-surgery garments
  • Office location
Compression garment worn after surgery

"I Had a Great Experience."


Marie McDowell


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I would highly recommend anyone thinking of having a cosmetic procedure or surgery to check out this office. Dr Yee is a true artist , extremely professional and had amazing before & after photos of the procedures she had previously done . The staff are a wealth of knowledge from the lady at the check in desk to the nurse that took me to the consult room , I even had a consult with their skincare specialist !!!! Overall I had a great experience and I left with my procedure plan and a new skincare regime that was set up specifically for me .....

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Terri Stiefer


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I found Dr Yee to be a very professional plastic surgeon. She is personable and patient answering all my questions. I had skin resurfacing to my face and liposuction under my chin line.  I am quite pleased with the service before and after my procedure as well as the results.  Thank you Dr Yee!

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The cost of a patient's tummy tuck procedure depends on the extent of treatment that is needed. For example, a patient undergoing the mini technique will typically have a lower cost than patients undergoing the extended technique. If additional procedures such as liposuction are performed, the total cost of treatment will increase.

To receive a custom price quote, schedule a consultation at our Little Rock, AR, practice. Contact us online or call us at:

(501) 224-1044

Two Common Types of Candidates

Abdominoplasty after Pregnancy

pregnant woman

Pregnancy causes significant stretching of the abdominal skin and muscles, particularly for women who have children at an older age or have multiple children. When the skin fails to move back into shape after women have lost their pregnancy weight, it can result in sagging. In addition, the abdominal muscles often become separated or loose as a result of pregnancy. All of these issues can be addressed with a tummy tuck. Some patients may also wish to undergo additional procedures such as breast augmentation as part of a comprehensive mommy makeover treatment plan.

Abdominoplasty after Weight Loss

man gripping loose skin

For so many men and women who turn to our Little Rock, AR, practice, weight fluctuations have been a constant part of their lives. Unfortunately, gaining and losing weight can contribute to loose and wrinkled skin. If you have successfully lost weight and reduced the amount of excess fat in your body, you may be left with sagging skin on the abdomen. Dr. Yee has experience providing surgical treatment to patients after massive weight loss. She can remove excess abdominal skin that may be preventing you from exercising comfortably and feeling confident about your weight loss.

Scarring: What to Expect

It is normal for patients to be concerned about the appearance of scars after any type of surgery. Fortunately, scarring can be discreet and minimal when you choose a reputable surgeon like Dr. Yee. 

Discreet Placement

When performing surgery, Dr. Yee will make sure that any resulting scarring can be hidden with undergarments and bikini bottoms. In fact, the resulting horizontal scar is located several inches below the typical underwear line.

Scar Length

The length of the resulting scar is dependent on the extent of treatment needed. Dr. Yee will make every effort to keep scarring as minimal as possible without compromising your skin tightening results.

Advanced Techniques

Dr. Yee uses advanced and effective techniques that greatly reduce the appearance of post-surgical scarring.

Scar Prevention

Patients themselves play an important role in minimizing the appearance of scarring. To prevent thick, dark scars:

  • Follow your doctor's instructions to minimize the risk of infection
  • Don't smoke
  • Avoid strenuous activity
  • Use skin products after scars have healed
  • Avoid exposing scars to sunlight

"Great Attention to Detail."


Rita Watkins


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Great staff, customer service, and attention to detail. Dr. Yee makes numerous follow-up calls to check on her patients and makes absolutely sure they are satisfied.

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Phenomenally Mika


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I'm so glad I decided to stop putting off the mommy makeover I've wanted for so many years.  Scheduling a consultation with Dr. Yee was the initiation of the journey to a new me.  I recommend her to everyone.

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When considering plastic surgery, it's important to find a surgeon who has the skills necessary to safely perform your procedure and give you the results you desire. It's equally important to choose an empathetic surgeon who genuinely cares for each plastic surgery patient.

Dr. Suzanne Yee prides herself on creating a welcoming environment for her patients where they can feel comfortable approaching her with questions and concerns.

If you're considering a tummy tuck to remove loose abdominal skin and enhance the tone of your midsection, we invite you to fill out our online contact form or call our Little Rock, AR, practice.

Let's Get Started!

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Dr. Suzanne Yee and staff

Tummy Tuck FAQ

Who can receive a tummy tuck?

Healthy men and women who are ideally nonsmokers, have realistic expectations, and are over the age of 18 can undergo a tummy tuck procedure at our Little Rock, AR, practice.

How much weight will I lose with a tummy tuck?

Even though a tummy tuck isn't a weight loss procedure, it removes excess abdominal skin, which can result in losing up to 10 pounds. Depending on the extent of your abdominal procedure, you may go down a few pant sizes.

When should I get my tummy tuck?

If you're finished having children, you've completed a weight loss journey, or you're within 10 to 15 pounds of your goal weight, you may be ready to receive your tummy tuck. Our Little Rock, AR, practice also recommends living a healthy lifestyle prior to undergoing your procedure so your results are easier to maintain.

Can I combine a tummy tuck with other procedures?

Yes! Many patients who receive a tummy tuck also undergo procedures like liposuction, breast lift, or breast augmentation, sometimes during the same surgical procedure. Dr. Yee can also perform these procedures, so you won't have to familiarize yourself with another plastic surgeon to get the results you're looking for.

What are the risks associated with this procedure?

Potential risks after an abdominoplasty include seroma, hematomas, infections, blood clots, and changes in skin sensation. Thankfully, Dr. Yee's years of training significantly minimize the potential for complications.

"Answered Every Question That I Had"


Tara Ohler


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Dr. Yee is AMAZING. I have never had a bad experience at Dr. Yee’s office. Her and her team are very professional. Every one there always made me feel very comfortable and answered every question that I had. Dr. Yee was always available to reach after my procedure which made me feel very good.

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Lori Morrow


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After doing research for the best Dr, for a tummy tuck, I decided to go with Dr Yee, so glad I made the right decision!! Her and the staff was AMAZING! Had Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) done March of 2020, right before everything shut down for COVID, they made me feel completely comfortable and explained everything that I would go through, and if I needed anything I could call and would get me through everything!

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Dr. Suzanne Yee

Suzanne Yee, MD

Dr. Suzanne Yee is a triple board-certified plastic surgeon in Little Rock, AR, who offers a wide variety of surgical and non-invasive treatments. Dr. Yee is affiliated with several prestigious organizations. Her memberships include:

  • Fellow of American Board of Cosmetic Surgery
  • Fellow of American Board of Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery
  • Fellow of American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • Fellow of American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • Fellow of the American College of Surgeons
  • Fellow of American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, Inc.
  • Fellow of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery

To schedule a consultation at our state-of-the-art surgical center, please contact us online or call (501) 224-1044.

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