Breast Augmentation for Small Breasts By Dr. Suzanne Yee on June 13, 2019

Woman with full breastsWomen with naturally small breasts often wish they had more volume in their bustline. Breast augmentation increases the size of the breasts and enhances the shape of the bustline to give women the curves they desire. However, some women are hesitant to undergo breast augmentation because they fear that the results will look too unnatural.

Breast augmentation is a highly customized procedure that allows women to achieve the enhancement they desire without walking away with results that are too obvious or over the top. Experienced plastic surgeon Suzanne Yee provides our Little Rock, AR patients with tips for achieving natural looking results with breast augmentation for small breasts.

Choose the Right Size

Size is one of the most important factors when selecting a breast implant that will increase the volume of the breasts without looking too unnatural. Women with naturally small breasts have less skin and tissues on the breast.

If an implant is too large for the patient, it can stretch the skin, which will give the breasts an artificial look. Large implants that sit in a small breast pocket can also look more compressed or round, which will also give the breasts an unnatural appearance.

Dr. Yee can provide our Little Rock patients with implant sizers that allow them to try out different sized implants. This lets patients see how breast implants will look on their figure, and gives them realistic expectations for the results of surgery.

Consider Body Proportions

When choosing breast implants, it is important that patients consider their overall body proportions. Even if larger implants look good on the chest, patients need to see how they complement the rest of their figure.

Women who are small-busted often have slimmer thighs and a smaller backside as well. If a woman looks top-heavy after undergoing breast augmentation, it will probably be pretty obvious that there has been surgical enhancement.

To get the most natural results from breast augmentation, women should select implants that enhance the bust while keeping body proportions in balance.

Select the Right Type of Implant

The composition of a breast implant is also important to the results of breast augmentation surgery, especially when the patient has naturally smaller breasts. When there is less breast tissue, the shape and texture of breast implants are likely to be more noticeable.

Dr. Yee can help our Little Rock patients choose a shape, texture, and implant composition that is most appropriate for their unique needs and desires.

Implant incisions may also be important to some patients, which can affect the type of implant that is chosen. For instance, although many women believe that silicone breast implants look and feel more like natural breast tissue, saline implants require smaller incisions because they are inserted before they are filled. If a woman is concerned about how scarring will impact the appearance of her breasts, she may prefer saline implants to silicone implants.

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If a woman is careful in her implant selection, she can achieve natural-looking breast augmentation results, no matter how small her figure is. If you are interested in enhancing your bustline, Dr. Suzanne Yee would be happy to guide you through your implant decisions. To learn more, contact us online at your earliest convenience or schedule a consultation by calling (501) 224-1044.

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