Candidates for Chemical Peel Enhancement and Rejuvenation By Dr. Suzanne Yee on July 20, 2023

patient after chemical peel treatmentFacial skin is regularly exposed to the wind, sun, and other harsh environmental elements that compromise its appearance. Cosmetic products are often not enough to reverse this type of damage, so some may wonder if cosmetic surgery is the solution. Plastic surgery is appropriate for some signs of aging, but many issues related to the skin’s appearance are treatable with a chemical peel.

Chemical peels get rid of damaged skin to reveal new, radiant skin. Here we discuss the conditions that may make individuals ideal candidates for chemical peel enhancement and rejuvenation at Dr. Suzanne Yee’s Little RockAR, cosmetic and laser surgery center.

Rough Skin Texture

Continual and prolonged exposure to harsh UV rays can lead to scaly patches on the skin. These rough spots, known as actinic keratoses, tend to respond well to chemical peels. Since the patches are not deep-set, a chemical peel causes the rough, damaged skin to shed off, revealing new, smooth skin beneath.

Age Spots

Age spots or liver spots are flat areas of the skin that appear tan, brown, or black. Age spots most often appear on areas that are frequently exposed to the sun, such as the face, arms, and hands. Age spots are especially common in individuals with naturally fair skin. Although age spots are harmless, many of our Little Rock patients are eager to treat them. Chemical peels effectively minimize or eliminate the appearance of age spots.

Superficial Scars

Chemical peels treat hyperpigmentation and rough textured skin, which are common characteristics of scars. The effect of chemical peels on deep-set and raised scars is limited but individuals with superficial scars, such as those related to acne, are often ideal candidates for a chemical peel treatment.

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Many wrinkles are the result of muscle contractions, repeated facial expressions, or a loss of skin elasticity and volume. These types of static and dynamic wrinkles do not go away with chemical peel treatment. However, many of our Little Rock patients have fine lines and wrinkles related to sun damage. By removing damaged skin, chemical peels reveal smoother, fresher skin and reduces or eliminates the appearance of certain fine lines and wrinkles.

Uneven Skin Tone

The skin does not always age evenly, and some areas may be exposed to more harsh environmental elements than others. As a result, it is not uncommon for people to complain that their skin tone is uneven, in either texture or color. Individuals who want to reveal fresher and more even skin may be ideal candidates for a chemical peel.

Who Is Not a Good Candidate for a Chemical Peel?

Chemical peels are an appropriate treatment for many of our Little Rock patients with the abovementioned concerns. However, individuals with a history of skin sensitivity or abnormal skin scarring and those with naturally darker skin tones may not respond as well to treatment. Dr. Yee can make a recommendation regarding chemical peel candidacy after a personal consultation.

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If age spots, rough patches, fine lines, or other types of damage have you feeling dissatisfied with your skin’s appearance, you may be an ideal candidate for a chemical peel. To learn more about the types of chemical peels offered by Dr. Suzanne Yee, contact our cosmetic and laser surgery center to request a personal consultation.

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