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Facelift procedures can give a more youthful appearance to both men and women. At Dr. Suzanne Yee’s Little Rock office, we strive to give you a refreshed look that appears natural.

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MALE VOICE: I was really pleasantly surprised that the postoperative healing and everything really took place very, very well. FEMALE VOICE: We were back at work in 10 days. We had maybe a little bruising at that time. Being in a restorative business, you know there’s an in between price to be paid, and it was, it was more minimal then we thought it would be. DR. SUZANNE YEE: Nothing else nonsurgical, will give you the same result that a facelift will give you. The facelift will help rejuvenate the jawline. It will help with the neck. It just helps with sagging skin and it gives you a refreshed look. And it’s really important that we give a patient the natural look that they need, not an artificial windblown look. And a lot of patients are worried about that, because they see many of the stars on TV and they look so artificial. That’s my goal, is to make them look natural, refreshed, make them look good for their age. FEMALE VOICE: I’m very pleased. I just didn’t like a sagging neck and I didn’t like the way my eyes were doing. I feel refreshed. MALE VOICE: I feel very much the same as she did about how she feels about the way she looks afterward. My neck was really sagging, and had all that excess skin above my eyes I didn’t like the looks of, it’s just the aging process, and I like it a whole lot better now.

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Love Dr. Yee! She is very caring and patient, and she answered any questions I had. She has a very knowledgeable and friendly staff as well. Highly recommend her. Best of the best!

Andy A.


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