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A breast lift procedure can turn back the hands of time, especially for women who have developed sagging breasts due to pregnancy, breastfeeding or even weight loss.

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DR. SUZANNE YEE: All women, as we age, we have sagging of the breasts. Also, from breastfeeding or having children, our breasts will sag or deflate after pregnancy, or even from weight loss. And a lot of women will come in asking for breast implants, thinking breast implants will give me a lift. Well breast implants do not give patients breast lifts. They just enlarge the breast and so if you put a breast implant in a saggy breast; it just makes bigger, saggier boobs. So we don’t want that. We want nice, firm, uplifted breasts. So when patients come in, I do an examination, and see if they’re a candidate just for a breast implant, but typically, they, if they have a lot of sagging, they’ll need a breast lift and we have to be very honest about that. FEMALE VOICE: Well, I feel absolutely fabulous. I breastfed two children for a year each, and then I went through a phase where I had thyroid disease, and so I had some weight fluctuations. And I lost 30 pounds, gained 30 pounds, lost 30 pounds, got myself situated with medications and everything. And then I just looked in the mirror one day and couldn’t wear a sundress without going, wow, where did they go. So I just decided that it was time for me to go ahead and do something and came in and talked to Dr. Yee about it and we discussed you know, just looking very natural, having them look back to where they use to be, nothing really extravagant. And we did it, you know we just went for it and they turned out great.

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Love Dr. Yee! She is very caring and patient, and she answered any questions I had. She has a very knowledgeable and friendly staff as well. Highly recommend her. Best of the best!

Andy A.


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