Ruby's Story – Breast Lift


Ruby, an operating room nurse, was impressed with Dr. Yee’s talent as a plastic surgeon. Ruby is glad that she chose Dr. Yee to perform her breast lift.

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RUBY: I chose Dr. Yee to do my breast lift because I worked with her in the operating room. We had a clinic out on Shenal [phonetic] and I was one of her OR nurses. And I just fell in love with her abilities and nature for being a perfectionist actually, because I myself tend to be a little bit of one also, and I just admired that in her. And her OR skills are just absolutely fabulous. And I’ve seen her work and I just appreciated her talent for making you look your best, and natural. That was one of my other criteria. When I look in the mirror, I’m very excited you know because I see my breasts back where they use to be. I think my confidence has gone up. You know I just feel, just feel happy. I would say Dr. Suzanne Yee is an amazing surgeon. She’s a perfectionist. She has a very artistic ability to incorporate what you’re asking of her to do for you and just pulling it all together and making you look your best. DR. SUZANNE YEE: It’s so good to see you. I’m so glad you’re happy.

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Love Dr. Yee! She is very caring and patient, and she answered any questions I had. She has a very knowledgeable and friendly staff as well. Highly recommend her. Best of the best!

Andy A.


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