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At our Little Rock plastic surgery center, we offer BOTOX® Cosmetic and GFX treatments to help you looking and feeling great with no down time.

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DR. SUZANNE YEE: Become the #1 nonsurgical procedure in my office. Botox is a great no downtime procedure. Botox has been around, or botulinal toxin has been around for years. It actually is a neuro toxin that will decrease the movement of the muscles and so therefore, it helps the wrinkles in the forehead, helps wrinkles around the eyes. We place it around the lips to decrease the wrinkles around the lips. We can place it in the neck to decrease the muscle banding that you can see at a young age that pulls down the skin in the neck. Botox is a temporary procedure, in which it only lasts about 3 months and then you have to come back for maintenance. And that is probably the only drawback, because we love the effects of Botox. I’ve been doing Botox for many years, since 1997, when it became known that we can use it for wrinkles. I went to the first symposium about Botox cosmetic and the decrease in the muscle. I - - so that will decrease the wrinkles in the forehead, and I thought to myself, I like that, and so I started - - toxin on my patients, I still have patients from 1997 that still come to me for Botox. And I’m also a Botox national education teacher for the Allergan company and so, it keeps me on the forefront of what the Botox treatments can do for patients. FEMALE VOICE: With the Botox, I was very anxious because all I could think about was little needles sticking in there and how bad it would hurt. There was no pain. She would say, you will feel a little stick, there really, I didn’t feel a little stick. It gave me exactly what I wanted, better than what I expected actually. DR. SUZANNE YEE: GFX is a very new procedure. It is a radio frequency device, which has just been FDA approved for reducing the lines between the eyes, and so it works much like Botox, except it’s longer acting and it’s a little bit more invasive. We place the needle in the corner of the eyebrow, and this needle will find the nerve to the glabellar area, which causes the - - line, and the radio frequency device will then put the nerve to sleep for about 12-18 months. And so it’s a long-lasting effect and you don’t have to have the neuro toxin. But this is an alternative for those patients, so they can have a long-lasting effect. It will decrease that scowl between your eyes, and also, we’ve noted, when the patient gets the GFX procedure, they get a little brow lifting effect with it also. So it is another alternative to Botox. I don’t think it will replace Botox. I think for the right patient, it will give them the effect they want without the worry of having a neuro toxin injected into the forehead.

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Love Dr. Yee! She is very caring and patient, and she answered any questions I had. She has a very knowledgeable and friendly staff as well. Highly recommend her. Best of the best!

Andy A.


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